Visitor’s Feedback

We really enjoyed our short stay at your farm. The people are really friendly here on these mountains. Our discussions may be fruit full for the future. We have seen a lot of motivated farmers yesterday and believe that your projects will success.
The hike yesterday was a little tough but definitely we are satisfied that we did it.

Tine Sawssel & Jan Tholen,

We would just like to say a big thank-you to SADP for your kind hospitality. Although we were only here one night we enjoyed it thoroughly. The food was delicious, the room was cosy & the company was perfect. A very nice farm here, and we wish it and you all the best in the future.

Hope to see you again in the near future.
Ingrid Duff
Toby Kilgreen,

I arrived at the farm from my 3 months journey and ready to hurry on home in a few days. However I leave today in a new spirit- inspired and hopeful! Thank you for welcoming my stay here in this peaceful place. Thank you must of all for your work, your strategic and thoughtful work for the health of Nepal’s people and soil. I have found kindred spirits here, working on the same path in our own corners of the world. I hope our paths do cross many times and we can help and encourage each other to the same goal.

With much gratitude,
Amy Mathwes
827 Burr Oak DC
Indpls, IN 46217
amescm (at) hotmail (dot) com

Let’s say that if paradise should exist on the earth it could well be this place ! The farm is beautiful and congratulate you all for the continuous effort and work you put in it to develop it as a very very comfortable home for you and the coming visitors/guests/volunteers……..
I cam over here after a 3 months stay in Kathmandu…. Thanks to this beautiful environment I have been able to recharge fully my batteries with peaceful energies.
I participated in the preliminary survey of the farmers from the surrounding villages and must confess that it has been wonderful and memorable experience ….(even if first I felt frustrated to not understand full what they were saying !).. I will certainly never forget all the lovely people and faces that I encounter over here ….. I will miss the place ! But…. to be frank… I will come back!
All the best to all of you & SADP Project

Thanks for your hospitality,
Isabelle Conus