Training Programs

SADP Nepal offers different level of training program in organic agriculture as per the interest groups. We had organized 4 days, 7 days and 15 days training program at our training centre in Tanahu district. 4 days training program is basic training, 7 days is advanced and 15 days training program is TOT.

Registration is open for 4 days training program at Organic Farm House, Kapan, Kathmandu in collaboration with Eco Organic Nepal and Organic Farm House. The registration form is attached hereregistration form-EON


SADP Nepal will be offering a 6-week internship program to individuals interested in getting a hands-on experience in organic gardening including seed saving, and community living in its Govardhan Organic Agriculture Resource Center (GOARC) and other farms.

The internship will be a combination of organic gardening techniques such as composting, and appropriate technology. We will learn all of these together through hands-on projects with each. Interns will learn the organic gardening techniques we use at our resource center through use on their own experiential garden beds and making compost and cultivating micro-organisms themselves. Interns will learn to prepare liquid organic fertilizer(Panchagavya, Panchapatra, Fish extract, EM -2 etc.) vermicompost, pile compost etc. Interns will also get the opportunity to be involved in an appropriate technology project and learn about the way these can be applied to different contexts.

Topics & techniques

What interns will experience during their time at SADP Nepal

Garden skills:

  • Introduction of Organic agriculture in Nepal
  • Making nursery seedlings and a discussion of what plants need to start as seedlings
  • Garden bed making techniques for different seasons and situations, double digging method,
  • Composting including composting technique and different uses of animal manure
  • Cultivating micro-organisms for making liquid fertilizers
  • Companion planting
  • Garden care including plant observation and problem solving techniques to understand what plants need
  • Integrated pest management
  • Making natural pesticides
  • harvesting for consumption
  • discussions on the importance of seed saving, what is happening with our seed biodiversity now, and active seed saving on the farm

Community living:

Evening activities and exchanges will also be included. A large aspect of the internship also includes the experience of community living in the Nepali context as interns will become community members for the duration of their internship. We focus on this relationship in learning how to be mindful, conscious individuals living in community together. We will meet in weekly group check-ins to work on these relationships.

Additional Topics:

Opportunities for meditation, local wine making, hiking, and Nepali food cooking are available depending on participants’ interest.

General Schedule:

Morning and afternoon sessions will be held with an extended break after lunch in the hot part of the day. Evening and early afternoon discussions sessions will be held periodically depending on interns’ interest.

Every Saturday will be break time to rest or do any other necessary in town. If you are planning to do other traveling in Nepal we ask you keep that to before, after the program, or during program breaks.

Teaching team:

Experience and expert will be involved in teaching

Food and Lodging:

A thin cotton mat, blanket, sheet, pillow, and mosquito net will be provided.

Generally Nepali food will be served. We will try to use the most organic vegetables as possible from the farm.

Bathing options include an indoor cool shower.


US $ 1,500 /person.


  1. Once you have sent your participant survey and have been confirmed, a $150 US non-refundable deposit is due to secure your spot.
  2. The remainder of your contribution will be expected on the first day of the internship at SADP  either in Nepali currency or US dollars.

For SADP  Internship Participation please fill up this form Internship form SADP-Nepal send by email ( or post in following address:

SADP- Nepal,
Post Box No. 220,
Pokhara, Nepal